ChaosMen – Edge scene with Aries and Gavin

Aries had to pick a guy he likes the most from chaosmen and he picked Gavin who was very excited to show his oral skills. Gavin uses his hands to work on that big cock and get it hard, then he takes it in his mouth and sucks it until Aries is ready to blow his load!


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ChaosMen – Rowan and Shiloh

Another fresh week and as per usual, new chaosmen scenes are here for you to enjoy as well for this fine week. In this fresh one we have for you some more good times with the one and only Shiloh and a new guy named Rowan. Now Rowan here is new to this whole thing and you know how things go. He gets to be on the receiving end and the master gets to teach him all about the pleasures of gay sex in front of the cameras. So let’s get this special update off the ground for you so that you may enjoy seeing them fuck one another nice and hard all day long just for you. And of course, you get front row seats to all of this amazing show too!

Shiloh loses his clothes and takes his spot on the bed and Rowan gets to show off his oral skills first. Take your time to se him wrap those juicy lips around that nice and big hard cock today and see him slurping and sucking on it with a passion. After a nice and long blowjob, Shiloh was rock hard and ready to get to fuck a tight ass. So watch him take that nice butt hole and make it his as he spends the rest of the afternoon fucking Rowan from behind today. Have fun with this new and fresh gallery and do make sure to check out the past scenes as well to see some more hot and horny studs getting wild and naughty too!


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Palmer and Silas – Raw

Hey there once more guys and gals and as always, welcome to a new and fresh chaosmen update once again. This week’s fresh scene has Palmer and Silas in action and we just have to say, that after their simply perfect performance, you will be seeing much more of these guys in the future as well as they will be featured in many scenes. You will get to see exactly why these two in particular made the cut after you will see their scene today and just how passionate they were with the whole thing as well. We hope you’ll enjoy so let’s get it started to see them at play with one another without delay shall we?


As the cameras start to roll, the hunks get busy on the bed undressing and kissing one another with some sensual foreplay. The cock hungry Silas gets to be the man slut for this one and take it in his ass, and rest assured that Palmer is more than happy to cater to his need as he’s more than willing to let his new fuck buddy bounce up and down that cock. So have fun seeing the two of them fuck all over the place this afternoon and see you as usual next week with another scene. Like we said, you are about to see much more of these two in action around here. So we’ll be seeing you next week with some more new content and more hot studs!

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ChaosMen – Greyson

Hey once more and welcome back to an all new and fresh chaosmen update just like always. In this one we bring you another superb and fresh solo scene with one of the guys that you just adore. You guys have begged to see the sexy and hot Greyson all by himself in a solo scene and here he is heeding call to your prayers as he gets to play with himself all day long just for your enjoyment…and his of course. So let’s get the show going to see him showing off just for you guys to enjoy once more!

The scene has him playing all by himself in his room on his king size bed as this afternoon he has all the time in the world to play with himself too. So take your time to see him getting busy straight away as he lays on his back and starts to play with his cock. Once he gets it rock hard, you get to watch him stroking it fast and hard and moaning in pleasure too. Enjoy seeing him shooting a load all over himself at the end and as usual drop by next week for more new and fresh scenes with your favorite sexy studs!


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Thomas and Troi – Serviced

Thomas and Troi are the two new and sexy hunks that we have here to play for your viewing pleasure as well. They are two fresh guys that make their debut here and they hope to entertain you with their passionate love making scenes from now on as well. Well one thing you can be sure of, and that is that the two guys have quite the ideas on what they want to do every time that they end up fucking nice and hard. So let’s not waste time and see them in action this afternoon with this superb and fresh new scene shall we?


When the cameras start to roll you can see that the guys were already getting busy on the bed undressing one another. Well Troi gets to be on the receiving end for this one and so he gets to suck and slurp on Thomas’s cock. Watch his lips working that meat shaft with expertise and then see him taking his spot on top to ride the meat pole nice and hard for the whole rest of the scene. We hope that you enjoyed the scene and your stay and rest assured that more will follow next week as well!

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Griffin Solo

This week we decided to switch it up a bit and bring you something a little bit more special. And that something special is a nice and sexy solo self pleasing scene with the one and only Griffin. You have gotten to see this stud around here in the past and you know that he loves having something in his ass and his cock pleased as well. Well for this afternoon update, the stud gets to have the room and bed all to himself and he puts on a simply unforgettable show as she masturbates just for you and the cameras!

Let’s get to see him start off with making his entry and as he does so, you get to see him taking off his clothes for you in one sizzling hot and sexy strip show. When he was all nude he gets to to some kinky and wild posing for you as well and it’s quite refreshing to see the hunk at work. Watch him taking his spot on the bed and then see him starting to work that cock of his with his masterful hands. Enjoy the jerk off scene that he has and see you guys next week as per usual with more naughty and sexy studs!


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ChaosMen – Greyson and Shiloh

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot chaosmen update to be shown off as always. Well for this fine day we have for you the two sexy most guys around here. They are Greyson and Shiloh and they sure know how to put on an amazing show for everyone to see as well. They are also getting to have their fun outdoors as this trip was to a sandy beach in a private part of it so they could fuck one another undisturbed today as well. Let’s get to see them in action as the cameras start rolling as this is one scene that you just have to see without delays. And we’re sure that it will impress you enough to want to see more of them as well.

chaos-men-greyson-shiloh-peep Well as this superb scene with them starts off, the two of the begin their show with a nice and long walk on the beach holding hands. They seem to be getting more and more in the mood to party naughty and so they retreat behind some rocks in a nice and shady private spot. Take your time to see the sexy Shiloh go down on his buddy and you get to watch the most amazing and hot oral session to date. Watch him using his lips to work that nice and hard cock all day long today and see him stopping only when he has his buddy’s jizz load all over his face. We hope you liked it and do check back next week for some more scenes!

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Bay and Byron – Raw

For this week’s new and hot chaosmen scene, you get to see Byron making a comeback. Today he gets to be joined by the fresh new guy named Bay and the two of them have a nice and long afternoon of hard style fucking ahead of them too. Lets get to see as Byron gets to teach the new guy the ropes with the help of his nice and big cock today. Of course, the greenhorn will be learning quite a lot too so let’s not delay any longer to just see them at play without delay today shall we everyone? You just have to see this.

The thing is that we wanted to pair them and see how they go together. Simple answer is, just amazing. With the longer one being that you just have to see them fucking to enjoy this superb scene. Byron straight away takes the lead and has the guy sucking and slurping on his cock to get him hard. Then as he lays on his back he spreads his legs and shoves that hard cock nice and deep in his ass. Watch him pound that butt with his mighty cock and see him blowing his load all over Bay at the end of this simply marvelous scene!


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Armani and Cooper Reed – Pure

Today’s new and fresh chaos men scene is brought to you for pure enjoyment. And we say that, because today you get to see two very hot and horny studs named Armani and Cooper Reed in some more kinky action. You got to see Armani in the past as well and you know that the guy regularly loves a nice and deep anal dicking every now and then. Well today he gets to take another ass fucking from Cooper too. And all of this went down at the guy’s shower spot. Let’s get the show going and see him in action shall we?


From the way Armani looks you’d think that with all of those ripped muscles and hot body he’d always be the alpha male, but it seems that he just adores to have something stuck up his ass just as much as fucking a tight hole anyway. So let’s get to see the action as the two guys start to kiss under the running water and they proceed to then take a spot to do some fucking. Watch Armani’s fine and tight ass penetrated nice and deep by his buddy and see him moaning in pleasure for this scene today everyone!

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ChaosMen – Byron and Glenn

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to some all new chaosmen superb scenes. This scene beings you the superb and sexy hunks named Byron and Glenn and a scene that is just too perfect. The two studs here know how to enjoy some hard style fucking and every second of it is caught on cameras as well for you to enjoy without delay. Take your time to see the two wild hunks in some kinky scenes this afternoon as they have all the time in the world to spend with each other and fuck nice and hard too. So let’s get this show going without delay and watch them play naughty with one another shall we? We know that you are eager to see them play too.

The scene starts off with the two guys entering the scene and the bedroom of course and once there, they were all ready to start playing kinky. Watch them do some nice and hot sixty nine-ing as well as they get to suck one another’s cocks to get each other nice and hard for the next part. They decide that Glenn is going to be taking it in the ass so he gets to have Byron lay on his back as he takes his spot on top of him today. Enjoy seeing him as he gets to ride that cock cowboy style and see him loving every second of the anal pounding that he gets to receive today. See you guys next week with another fresh and hot scenes and more horny studs too!


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