ChaosMen Video

For this week’s chaosmen video, we had to mix some of our regulars and see what comes out of it. And lucky day for us, a very awesome and hot fuck scene resulted out of our daring venture.Just watch these two guys sucking each other off, and one of them presents his ass up for a proper hardcore dicking. One of them finishes in the other’s mouth at the end, filling it with warm jizz. So as another fresh week swung around the corner we juts had to bring you this nice and fresh update with these two new guys getting around to fucking one another. And we say that they did quite the nice job to have sexual fun today.

As the video starts to play, you can see that this starts off like a regular little massage session, but these guys get horny and they start to feel one another’s hot bodies and luscious curves as they caress one another and kiss passionately. You get to see the guy asking his masseur for his cock, and the guy doesn’t hesitate to let him suck and slurp on his nice and big dick today. Enjoy as this sexy little massage session had a very very happy end with this guy getting the inside of his ass massaged as well by a nice and big cock too. we hope you’ll like it and rest assured that we’ll be back next time again with more!


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ChaosMen – Allen & Joiner

For this video update we have here two of chaosmen best talents this month. Allen and Joiner are equally dominant in bed, so since they couldn’t decide who’s going to do the hard dicking, they went for a sweet 69 pose for the warm-up, until they could get rock hard. And turns out they both switched roles because one would just get jealous of the other’s anal pleasure they got from having his ass fucked balls deep. This video is sure to be quite an enticing sight for you guys, as we’re sure that you will just adore seeing these two guys getting into some wild fun for your enjoyment. So let’s get started.


When the cameras start rolling, the two hot studs begin their nice and hot fuck session, and you guys get to see these two studs starting off with a superb and sexy little sixty nine session for your viewing pleasure today at Watch as some nice sucking and slurping goes down with these two guys as they want to get each other nice and hard for the following ass fuck. And it was quite the sight to see what it did start as well. Join Allan and Joiner in their little sex session today and watch them fucking each other in the ass all over the place  for the whole duration of this scene today. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you next week!

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ChaosMen Solomon and Micah

It’s yet another debut here as it’s  chaosmen solomon first time to shine in the porn spotlights. Micah you know from our previous shoots, and you know he’s down with any role that he gets. Doing the fucking or getting anally pounded, he’s fine with either one. And for this one he let Solomon take the lead as to let him show off his skills at  pounding tight asses chaos men is proud to have such great looking guys for these kinds of things. Their synergy was perfect, as Micah turned himself into a submissive little slut and gave up his ass for Solomon to stick his huge cock into. Well let’s get this show started and see the studs have fun.

Solomon and Micah sure like to party hard and have sexual and hard style fun. This afternoon show has them spending some nice quality time together as they fuck one another’s asses senseless. Sit back and watch as Solomon is the first one to spread his legs and butt cheeks for Micah to fuck. And Micah just goes to town on that nice and tight ass slamming his balls against his ass he went balls deep in is anal cavity today. Enjoy it and see Solomon returning the favor by the end as well. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you guys next week with some more horny and hot stud.


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Maxwell is Getting Serviced

In this quick little update, Maxwell a new guy here at chaos men , gets a full hand service from one of our top experts in the art of hand jobs. Watch that face of his get ecstatic as his cock gets worked in a hardcore hand job. Well Maxwell is a veteran here as you know fully well and we wanted to do something a little bit special for this stud today. Watch as he gets to have his cock treated nicely for the whole scene, by one of our let’s say greened recruits. But it isn’t one that has no idea how to work a cock. And so he could rest assured that his mighty cock was taken care of nicely today.


Maxwell’s fuck buddy for the afternoon joins him as soon as the scene starts off, and he starts undressing Max of his clothes slowly while kissing and caressing his hot body curves. And when he was completely naked he gets to lay back on the bed as this other dude starts to have fun working his nice and big cock. So just sit back and see the stud stroking Max’s nice and big cock with his expert hands to start their little fuck fest off, and of course that afterwards he presents his naughty and tight ass for a good fucking from Maxwell’s nice and big cock. Enjoy it and see you guys next week with more!

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ChaosMen Valentino Jerking Off

Chaosmen Valentino is a college graduate stud with a perfectly chiseled body at the gym. When we had him here he said he wouldn’t really feel comfortable doing some gay anal scenes from the very start, so we obliged and we just agreed with him to do a solo masturbation scene. It’s no loss on chaos men ‘s part really, since you’ll see his debut in a few moments. Just watch him work that big hard cock of his, rubbing it hardcore under the shower just for your viewing pleasure for today. And rest assured that it’s quite the nice and sexy show to behold as well. So let’s not waste anymore time to just get it started and see this guy get to work today shall we?

As his scene starts off, mister Valentino comes into the scene and starts to remove his clothes all the way towards the shower. And by the time he was there he was already butt naked too. He turned ion the hot water, and then just started to watch that hot body of his. Watch him touch himself all over the place, and see him making his way down to his nice and big cock that was already hard. You get to see him as he starts to jerk off and he seems to enjoy stroking his meat shaft quite a lot for this scene. Watch the stud masturbating nice and hard under the running hot water and watch him blow his load all over himself in the end of today’s gallery.


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Chaos Men – Gavin

Chaos men brought back one of it’s more experienced ass fuckers, Gavin. And boy does Gavin work up a sweat fucking Jet’s tight ass. Jet isn’t used to being fucked so roughly but it turns out he enjoyed it very much, every thrust that Gavin made deeper into his ass, Jet got only harder and harder. So watch that tight ass of Jet’s get a thorough dicking from Gavin at and see hem squeal in pleasure as his ass gets stretched. Once more we are back with a super cock hungry stud that wants to show off just how he enjoys taking hard cock in his nice and tight ass and you get to see it all only here.


Gavin is quite the little man slut, and from the very start of this scene, you get to see him be all over the other guy’s cock. Rest assured that Jet himself was enjoying his fuck quite a lot and he just adored having Gavin’s juicy lips working his nice cock until he was rock hard and ready to fuck that nice and tight ass. And that happens as well, as once he’s done, Gain takes his spot on top of his fuck buddy’s nice and hard dick. Sit back and watch him bounce up and down as he rides the cock cowboy style and enjoy seeing Jet blowing his load all over his body at the end of this nice and hot scene. See you soon everyone!

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ChaosMen Allen and Simon

Simon is a guy that’s very submissive and naturally he just loves being dominated in bed by other guys. So chaosmen allen turned out to be the perfect match for him in this hardcore anal scene. He’s just like a puppy listening to all of Allen’s orders like a tamed little puppy. He was a great addition to our chaos men repertoire. If Allen told him to stay doggie style, he obeyed, and when he ordered him to suck his cock, he just went for it without hesitation. And Simon did a great job with the blow job too, he sucked Allen so good the guy nearly cried. Enjoy this little man whore sucking a nice and big black cock!

Well what can we say, we are sure that you guys will simply adore seeing these two studs have some sexual fun today. The thing is that these two hunks are super horny and we can honestly say that it’s quite a sight to see them both go at it. sit back and watch them undress to reveal their nude hot bodies today, and then see as they begin to suck and slurp on one another’s cocks to get each other nice and hard for the hard style anal fuck that will go down after it. And like we said, just sit back and watch them sucking and fucking each other all over the place just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. See you next time!


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Conan and Tatum

Conan and Tatum are two new guys making their debut at chaosmen for you this week. We assessed their skills, and good news, they are perfect material, big cocks and tight asses ready to be fucked, as you’ll see from their first scene together. Conan and Tatum sure got to have lots of fun today and as usual you get to see every little detail of their nice and hard fuck together in this nice picture gallery today. Sit back and watch the hunks start off their little fun session as they meet up, and see them starting to get naughty. They moved to the bedroom though and locked the door as to not be disturbed.


So their nice little fuck fest started off with our two dudes engaging in a nice and sexy little kissing session. You just need to see that kind of foreplay go down with both of them as the kiss passionately and caress one another’s amazing bodies just for your enjoyment. Watch as Conan is the one to accept the dicking today from his fuck buddy, and sit back to watch his asshole getting stretched. Tatum shoves his big and hard cock in his ass and just pounds that nice and round butt balls deep for this nice and hot sex session today. And throughout the scene you get to see Conan moan in pleasure of the nice dicking!

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Hot Tobin Chaos Men

Tobin chaos men has returned in full force this week. And yeah we love it too. We thought you might have missed that perfectly sculpted body of his , and we had him back for a quick little nude photo shoot. And just look at his rock hard soldier stand straight up at, it’s like it’s just waiting to penetrate a lucky guy’s ass in a one night stand. Well Tobin is here today and he fully intends to let you get some nice views of his hot and sexy body today. And you can rest assured that you will be in for quite a show with this nice and hot stud today. Let’s watch him in action without delay today shall we?

As the scene starts off, sexy Tobin makes his entry and as you can se he’s pretty quick to start removing his clothes for you guys. Sit back and watch this horny hunk as he reveals his nice and sexy muscled body to the cameras today, and then watch him get down to business. As his cock was now in full view the hunk starts to caress it and stoke it softly as it gets bigger and harder. So you get to watch this nice and hot guy as he shows off   his masturbation skills for you and the cameras in this nice and fresh update today. We hope that you enjoyed it, and rest assured we’ll be back next week with some more nice scenes of his.


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ChaosMen – Jacek and Vander

Chaosmen brought back Jacek, since he put up such an outstanding anal performance last time. And surely this time he didn’t disappoint either. In the meantime he learned some new tricks that he put on display for chaos men to show what he’d learned this far. He can now do a blowjob that the other guy thought he’d go crazy, and he was able to let Vander go balls deep in his tight ass. Enjoy as for this gallery you get to see two very horny guys getting into some hardcore fun just for your enjoyment. We bet that you’ll just love them so let’s get their nice and hot scene started shall we everyone?


Jacek was all ready and eager to get that tight butt of his stretched once more, and this other dude with his big cock were all ready to please him any way he fancied for this scene. Sit back and watch the sexy stud Jacek as he gets to spread open his legs and butt cheeks for his good buddy here, and then see him taking a nice and hard anal fucking just for your enjoyment. You get to see this stud moan in pleasure as he gets analyzed and that cock sure works a number on his nice and firm butt as it slides all the way in to the balls in his nice ass. Enjoy this fresh scene everyone and see you next week with some more!

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