Maxwell Is Getting Serviced

In this quick little update, Maxwell a new guy here at chaos men , gets a full hand service from one of our top experts in the art of hand jobs. Watch that face of his get ecstatic as his cock gets worked in a hardcore hand job. Well Maxwell is a veteran here as you know fully well and we wanted to do something a little bit special for this stud today. Watch as he gets to have his cock treated nicely for the whole scene, by one of our let’s say greened recruits. But it isn’t one that has no idea how to work a cock. And so he could rest assured that his mighty cock was taken care of nicely today.

Maxwell’s fuck buddy for the afternoon joins him as soon as the scene starts off, and he starts undressing Max of his clothes slowly while kissing and caressing his hot body curves. And when he was completely naked he gets to lay back on the bed as this other dude starts to have fun working his nice and big cock. So just sit back and see the stud stroking Max’s nice and big cock with his expert hands to start their little fuck fest off, and of course that afterwards he presents his naughty and tight ass for a good fucking from Maxwell’s nice and big cock. Enjoy it and see you guys next week with more!

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