Kai And Truman

One of the best chaos men videos is here, well at least a preview from it. Kai and Truman did an amazing job fucking one another’s fine asses and we have the entire scene here. The two younger men work in the same place, but Truman just got transferred to this office. So Kai being such a good guy offered to help him until he found a place. Neither of them knew that the other one was into guys, until Kai heard him breaking up with his boyfriend. He found him cute but never thought that they would end up fucking. So the other night after a hard week of work they went out for some beers and then Truman confessed that he is into guys. Once they got home Kai didn’t waste any time and started kissing him and undressing him. By the time they got in the bedroom they were completely naked and ready for some action. Enjoy!

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