ChaosMen Solomon and Micah

It’s yet another debut here as it’s  chaosmen solomon first time to shine in the porn spotlights. Micah you know from our previous shoots, and you know he’s down with any role that he gets. Doing the fucking or getting anally pounded, he’s fine with either one. And for this one he let Solomon take the lead as to let him show off his skills at  pounding tight asses chaos men is proud to have such great looking guys for these kinds of things. Their synergy was perfect, as Micah turned himself into a submissive little slut and gave up his ass for Solomon to stick his huge cock into. Well let’s get this show started and see the studs have fun.

Solomon and Micah sure like to party hard and have sexual and hard style fun. This afternoon show has them spending some nice quality time together as they fuck one another’s asses senseless. Sit back and watch as Solomon is the first one to spread his legs and butt cheeks for Micah to fuck. And Micah just goes to town on that nice and tight ass slamming his balls against his ass he went balls deep in is anal cavity today. Enjoy it and see Solomon returning the favor by the end as well. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you guys next week with some more horny and hot stud.


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